confirmation bias- A tendency to search for or interpret information in a way that confirms one’s preconceptions.

No matter how you feel about a movie, you want people on your side. Well, we’re here for you. At Confirmation Bias, George Heftler and Jerry Martin disagree on movies. But we both want to review them. So you can check out reviews for a movie that will either praise it or knock it down. This means whatever you think, we agree.

George Moustache
  George Heftler is a freelance copywriter who happens to love movies. He writes the positive reviews, is undefeated in Monopoly since 1998, and loves dad jokes. “Why do bears have so much hair? Fur protection.”twitt


Jerry Martin is a professional clinical counselor in training, a death metal vocalist, and a proud hater of most things.He writes the negative reviews and sincerely thinks he could do better than half of Hollywood, despite having zero training in film. He really, really wants you to go listen to Alustrium.


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